Air Environmental Services, Inc. (AES) was formed in 1996 to provide the highest quality of environmental contracting & inspection services available. Our commitment to customer service and environmental safety has propelled us to the top of the industry. The majority of our work is located throughout the Gulf Coast region. However, our reputation for service and professionalism has enabled us to take on projects throughout the United States as well as in Africa, Indonesia and Asia.

AES firmly believes that its commitment to and implementation of quality assurance and quality control sets it apart from its peers. Field procedures and field data interpretation methods are specified in our Standard Operating Procedures for each specific discipline. As a part of our in-house training program, each employee is required to pass field tests as well as written tests regarding the discipline in which they are working. This level of training not only assures that field related work is performed by appropriately trained individuals, but also assures consistency in procedures among AES staff.

AES is a specialized environmental contracting & inspection firm. We are configured to support the needs of our client’s projects and programs in the most environmentally sound and economically feasible manner. Our management staff is committed to completing projects within scope, schedule and budget. AES strives to achieve solutions to problems and is a strong client advocate with regulatory agencies. A partial list of services is provided below.

Environmental Contracting & Inspection Services:

Asbestos Services

Air Quality (OSHA) Monitoring

Material Inspections

Site Assessment Surveys


Project Design

Lead Based Paint Services

Air Quality (OSHA) Monitoring

Material Inspections

Site Assessment  Surveys


Project Design

Rescue Boat Services

Standby Rescue Boat Services

Rescue Boat Inspection

Rescue Boat Protocol Design

Decontamination Units

Mobile (Trailer Mounted)

Affixed (Installation)


Industrial Hygiene Services

Atmospheric Testing

Noise Exposure Evaluation

Radon Testing

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Asbestos Training Services

Worker Training

Inspector Training

Contractor/Supervisor Training

Management Planner Training

Designated Person/Custodial Awareness

If you would like more information regarding any of the environmental consulting & contracting services we provide, please feel free to Contact Us.