Lead Based Paint

Lead Based Paint

Lead Based Paint (LBP) is a highly toxic substance and is strictly regulated by several government agencies including OSHA. Exposure to lead can cause a number of different health issues including: nausea, anemia, kidney damage, and brain damage. But, at AES we have the experience to protect your employees from these dangers. AES is an LDEQ licensed lead contractor with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Foremost, OSHA defines Lead Based Paint (LBP) as any coating which contains at least 0.1% lead. Therefore, when removing this hazardous material there are certain OSHA regulations that need to be followed.  One of those requirements is Air Quality (OSHA) Monitoring. Fortunately, our highly trained Industrial Hygiene Technicians (IH Tech) can provide this service for you.

Not sure if you are dealing with Lead Based Paint, AES can help you find out. Our IH Technicians have years of experience in LBP Inspections. Also, all LBP samples collected by AES are analyzed using the industry accepted method of Flame Atomic Absorption (Flame AA). Additionally, our LBP samples are analyzed through a laboratory which is certified through the American Board of Industrial Hygiene as well as the Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (LELAP).

Aside from sampling, AES is also a certified lead contractor and can take on lead remediation projects. Furthermore, an SSPC trained C3 Competent Person plans or directly oversees all AES lead projects . AES has completed a number of projects in multiple settings including industrial, commercial, and residential. From power-tooling to chemical remediation, AES does it all. Whether big or small, AES has the ability to make your project a success.

Moreover, AES can design and coordinate your remediation project. So take advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience to make sure your next lead project is effective, efficient, and most of all safe.


Lead Based Paint Services:

  • Air Quality Monitoring (OSHA Compliance Monitoring)
  • Inspection and Surveys
  • Remediation
  • Remediation Design
  • Periodic Surveillance

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