Whether it’s asbestos, lead or any other hazardous material, Decontamination Units, or “Decons” as they are more commonly known, are an essential part of any abatement project. So let AES make sure you have the right Decon for the job. From rentals and sales to inspections, AES has what you need.

Current OSHA regulations mandate that decontamination is required on any project associated with the handling of hazardous materials. While there are some variations in this regulation based on the type of material being handled, the generally accepted standard is to keep and maintain a decontamination unit on site at any facility where abatement activities will take place. More and more, facilities are turning to mobile Decon trailers to adhere to this standard. That is where AES can help. We have been using mobile Decons trailers for over 20 years. Now, we are offering our years of experience to others.

First of all, AES has a variety of Decon trailers that we can provide for your next abatement project. Whether you are looking for a short term lease or if you want to purchase a Decon trailer, AES has what you are looking for. We can deliver a Decon trailer to your site that has been inspected and prepared for either an asbestos or lead abatement project.

On the other hand, if your project is in more of a commercial setting and you will not need it to remain in place, AES can provide that as well.  We have temporary Decon units, also known as Pop-Up Showers, that we can install at your current job site.

Do you need to make sure your Decon is up to OSHA standards? We can do that as well. AES will inspect your Decon on site and ensure that it meets all the most current guidelines.

So, whatever your Decon needs, find out what AES can do for you.

AES Decontamination Units Services:

  • Mobile Decon Trailer Rentals/Sales
  • Temporary Decon (Pop-Up Showers) Rentals/Sales
  • Inspections